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Bats and Countryside Conservation

Date: 20th Jun 2020
Start Time: 11:00 am
End Time: 3:00 pm

A small team from the Bat Conservation Trust will be on site talking about bats, why they are important and answering questions. Bats play an important role in many environments around the world. 

Some plants depend partly or wholly on bats to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds, while other bats also help to control pests by eating insects. 

Come along and learn about these fascinating creatures

The CPRE ( Campaign for the Preservation od Rural England)  team will also be on site talking about their work preserving our natural heritage for future generations. See what you can do to make this happen.

Both of these demonstrations/displays focus on making the world we live in a better place. 

Guided tours, the mouse trail, films and refreshments in the café along with gifts / souvenirs will also be available.