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Nail Making with Chris Turton from the Black Country Museum

Date: 18th Aug 2018

Nail Making with Christopher Turton & Victorian Toys with Margaret and Jeff.

Christopher is a regular demonstrator at the Black Country Museum and will be at the Yard showing how nails were made by the local blacksmith. Before the advent of mass production the blacksmith was a very important person in village life making a wide range of metal objects including nails. The joints in many of the early wooden buildings were pinned with wooden dowels but nails were also used and these were made by the blacksmith. Come along and talk to Christopher about the materials and methods used.

Margaret and Jeff will have a selection of Victorian toys for both young and older visitors to try.

Guided tours, the mouse trail, films and refreshments in the café along with gifts / souvenirs will also be available.

200_Nail Making.jpg