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Bees and Honey with Combrook Honey

Date: 11th Aug 2018

Bees, Honey and Hives with Liz and Steve Bates.

Steve and Liz Bates are local beekeepers, they will be at the Yard to talk about honeybees. Honeybees are fundamental to our survival, and the honeybee is a highly efficient pollinator-the farmer’s friend.  Steve and Liz look forward to talking with everyone about the bees, beekeeping, honey and other hive products.  Whether you plan to keep bees or just find them interesting, do come along. And if you would like to roll a beeswax candle or two, you can do that as well. 

Guided tours, the mouse trail, films and refreshments in the café along with gifts / souvenirs will also be available.

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